Fertility Castor Oil Starter Pack

Fertility Castor Oil Starter Pack

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The Fertility Castor Oil Starter Pack is designed for women who are in their own efforts to conceive naturally.

This all-in-one box includes everything you need to begin your Fertility Castor Oil Pack Therapy. It includes the following:

Hot Water Bottle

Made from Thermoplastic material, this hot water bottle is also recyclable. It is 12 inches long and 7.8 inches wide and can hold up to 2 liters. It has an easy-to-fill wide mouth and is transparent to take out the guesswork when filling it up 2/3 of the capacity. This pink cute hot water bottle has a lifespan of one year.

Pink Knit Water Bottle Cover

Comes with an elegant knitted hot water bag cover to prevent the hot rubber from being in direct contact with your skin to cause burns, plus it has a more classy and personalized look.

Castor Oil Bottles

Pure Castor Oil - 100% Pure Refined Cold Pressed Hexane-Free Non-GMO. You'll get two 2 oz Castor Oil Bottles in your Fertility Caster Oil Starter Pack.

100% Wool Flannel Cloth

This flannel cloth is 100% wool. It measures 11" X 5.5" and should be replaced every three months.

Plastic Wrap Cover Sheets

You will receive sixteen (16) plastic wrap sheets that measure 10" X 7.5" each. A perfect reusable fit for each Fertility Castor Oil Pack session.

Mason Jar - Ball Brand

16 oz glass mason jar for storage of your saturated wool flannel cloth.

Castor Clean Bottle

This 8 oz Fertility Castor Clean Bottle is meant for easy clean up after your Fertility Castor Oil Start Pack session. Ingredients include distilled water and sodium bicarbonate. It's super gentle on your skin due to the beneficial alkaline mix.

Castor Clean Wash Cloth

Soak with Caster Clean and gently rub off leftover castor oil from your Fertility Castor Oil Starter Pack session. Machine washable and should be replaced after one year.

*Disclaimer: We are not medical professionals, therefore, our products or marketing are not medical advice, nor are they an implicit or explicit promise that you will become pregnant. 

Obviously, we cannot promise that you will become pregnant if you buy our products, but we can promise that we want to make your own efforts as convenient as possible. We understand how hard it already is dealing with this but we want you to know that we are here for you and want you to think of us as a one-stop-shop for the latest recommended methods.